Sauti Sol Reveal The ‘Secret’ To Their Success

Sauti Sol is definitely one of those musicians whose influence and reach surpasses borders, age groups, and genres. Their contribution to the music scene is colossal, their fan base is ever growing, their style eccentric, their talent undeniable, their performances iconic, their artistry enduring.

A lot can be said about this group of four men who started out with songs such as Lazizi and Blue Uniform. Now they make chart toppers and cross border collaborations with mega artists from all over Africa. The likes of Ali Kiba, Yemi Alade, Bebe cool and 2Baba.

What’s their secret to success?


As the world geared up to celebrate the world friendship day, a non-celebratory holiday that occurs annually on the first Sunday of August, the musicians took the opportunity to talk about their bond on their youtube channel.

Polycarp considers friendship to be the core of their bond. It started before the music as he did not attend the same high school as his compatriots. Bien describes it a relationship of needing one another even when things are falling apart. Chimano views his friends as part of his extended family.

Even among the best of friends, there are peeves that not everyone can stand. Bien is accused of being too loud, Polycarp steps on carpets, Savara gets paranoid and Chimano eats people’s food. Whatever irritant each might have, they have found a way to live with it as they stay under the same roof.

The closeness that they share inspires their music from production to performance. There are certain songs where not all members get to showcase their skills but support such outcomes as long as they put out complete concepts.

Sauti Sol is grateful for the legacy that their friendship has shaped. They hope to continue to grow and further their imagination and creativity with each other as a vibrant support system.

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