Sauti Sol Parade Riveting Street Party

As we edge closer to the end of an interesting year -2016, the party scene is getting vivacious. Going off the script this time round, street party seems to be the ultimate king for the nightlife.

This past weekend, award-winning boy band Sauti Sol had a crazy block party in our city. Its been a while since I attended a street party and my expectations were high and low. The bash was set up along Baricho Road Street just by the popular Choices pub and was powered by Chrome premium Vodka. Sauti Sol recently renewed their ambassadorship with the vodka brand and it was only right they kick off this partnership in celebration. The block party was one of the many on-ground activations the boy band will be carrying out as per the contract.


Pulsating music filled the street as revelers were treated to live band performances by different acts on the bill. Sanaipei Tande hit the stage with her past hit Najuta and the reception was astounding. The live band worked well with her set as she sang her heart out to tunes like Mfalme wa Mapenzi, Rastaman, and Miaka Kadhaa. She proved that she still got it even after being away from the scene for a hot minute.

The group with the biggest song of 2016 Gudi Gudi-Everlast teamed up with Kristoff and Naiboi and absolutely boomed it for several times and taught the crowd some moves as well.

Special appearance by the current et al of 254 Papa Jones/Khaligraph had him move the crowd with his hit single Yego. Thereafter he performed Mazishi (a crowd’s favorite) before letting Sauti Sol hit the stage.


Sauti Sol were nothing short of amazing and have mastered the art of stage performance. Kicking off the set with the acapella Kuliko Jana set the tone as everybody raised their vodka cups in the air. More hits started to flow including Live and Die In Afrika, Sura Yako, Nerea and Soma Kijana.

The lady fans were involved in the booty shaking contest when the band was performing the hit Shake Yo Bam Bam and trust me vodka getting the dancing monster in the ladies out. The interactive part of the show makes the fans love the band even more.

One thing from the night is that block parties should come back in full effects and let party animals fill up the streets. And yeah live performance – Full band et al is the way to go for 2017 crop of acts, so that we can judge your artistry well, not hiding behind that studio auto-tune preset.

Photos Courtesy of Chrome Vodka 



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