Sauti Sol Join Content Streaming Platform Shahara As Creative Co-Founders

Sauti Sol has confirmed partnership with Shahara. This is an online platform on which African Creatives can upload their content and earn directly from their work. According to the Sura Yako hitmakers, this partnership has them on board as creative co-founders.


Shahara was launched in August last year by John Allan Namu (Africa Uncensored), The Catapult Agency LLP, and Baraza Media Lab. The name Shahara is derived from the Swahili word Mshahara (salary). This project is a response to the COVID-19 pandemic that saw many Creatives lose income avenues.


Speaking at the launch event that took place yesterday at the Baraza Media Lab, Shahara founders, said that they are determined to build a direct link between creators and their fans. Through the platform, audiences are able to pay directly for the content that they want to watch. Additionally, the founders also stated that creators get a bigger chunk of the revenue from their work on this platform.

As creative co-founders, Sauti Sol is using Shahara to champion African solutions for African issues. Apart from content by the other Creatives, the Grammy Award-winning band will also share their own exclusive content on Shahara. Currently, Bien and Aaron Rimbui’s Baldmen Virtual Experience is already available on the platform.

Other content available on the platform include A letter To My Younger Self by Content Creator Maxine Wabosha, Exclusive Africa Uncensored Documentaries such as Pandora Papers and Under Your Watch.


Apart from the content available currently, Shahara is promising to upload more exclusive content. These include Kisii Movie Omwanchi Trubena, A Letter To My Younger Self Season 2, The Joyride Podcast Season 1, Too Early For Birds, and Master Classes for content creators just to mention a few. Content creators who want to share their content on Shahara can do so by sending their content to

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