Sauti Sol The Fashion Icons

When it comes to pushing boundaries both musically and fashion wise, Sauti Sol definitely has that locked down. As a brand and as the stars they are, they already have presence. Sauti Sol members will walk into a room and you will know who they are.

The boy band of four may not necessarily make decisions regarding their clothing that we agree with but on this they say, that’s how trends are set. Kenyans need to be more open minded because bold fashion statements are a form of expression anyway. The hate? They don’t mind that at all. At least you’re still noticing and talking about them either way.

Like, remember these outfits? These had them trolled online, had #KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) call these “mosquito nets”.

Sauti Sol White

There are plenty outfits their artists have put together that were definite hits though. See some of those below:

Sauti Fashion



Due to the boldness of their statements, one of their “less popular” outfits which they wore during last year’s Coke Studio Africa performance with Yemi Alade has made it to an exhibition in the UK, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. This was the first major exhibition in the UK dedicated to African fashion.

Said exhibition will be running till the eighth (8th) of January 2017.

Sauti Sol Yemi AladeSauti Sol with Yemi Alade on the set of Coke Studio Africa last year.

Using their social media, the museum stated that they selected the outfit after it became a centre of disagreement in the country. This was not a small achievement and Sauti Sol made sure to rub it in Kenyans faces on their Instagram page saying in part, “Yo! The “bedsheets” made it to the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.”

See picture below:



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