Sauti Sol Entertainment Named Among The Beneficiaries Of Ignite Culture EA Fund

The Ignite Culture EA program, a driving force behind the cultural and creative industries across Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific, has once again displayed its commitment to championing the vibrant worlds of culture and creativity and building sustainable economic systems around these sectors by selecting Sauti Sol Entertainment and Association Rencontres du Film Court (RFC), a Malagasy outfit, for its third cohort of beneficiaries. Funded by the HEVA Fund, the European Union in Africa, and the British High Commission, this program bolsters organizations to bring to life imaginative ventures and programs catering to a diverse audience.

Amidst the excitement, Ignite EA shared the thrilling news on their Twitter handle, eliciting thunderous applause for both @sautisol 🇰🇪 and @MadagascourtFF 🇲🇬. The official announcement resonated like a crescendo in the hearts of fans and supporters, echoing far and wide. They further explained on their website,” Association Rencontres du Film Court de Madagascar (RFC) and Sauti Sol Entertainment successfully applied to the third call for grant applications in November-December 2022 and made it through the fastidious 6-step evaluation process. RFC is our first beneficiary from Madagascar.”

A closer look into the selection process reveals the dedication and passion that earned RFC their spot. This Malagasy film outfit, established in 2006, is on a mission to rekindle the glory of Malagasy cinema. Through Ignite Culture’s support, RFC’s “ANIM’ATO MADA 2023″ is taking center stage – an endeavor that seeks to teach and refine stop-motion animation expertise. The trained artists will produce a feature film that is set to be shown at the 18th edition of the MADAGASCOURT FILM Festival in September 2023.

Across the continent, Sauti Sol Entertainment boasts an equally riveting venture titled “The Safari Series.” This project is a three-pronged marvel, engaging young Kenyan artists in artist development, orchestrating masterclasses for industry professionals, and launching visual production programs for musicians and animators alike. With names like Bensoul and Nviiri the Storyteller among its success stories, this initiative cultivates talent and unleashes them onto the global stage.

Masterclasses, led by Grammy Award-winning maestros, usher participants into the realm of world-class creativity. This symphony of learning ignites a fire that fuels not only artistic expression but also career trajectories. Meanwhile, Sol Kids, a sibling venture to Sauti Sol Entertainment, is nurturing budding animators, ensuring that African culture pulsates through animated creations geared for African children. Sauti Sol’s mission extends beyond borders. As an African powerhouse, their focus is on kindling the global appeal of African arts and culture. With projects that span Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda, they’re making waves across the continent, uniting diverse communities through artistry.

Ignite EA boasts of an impressive track record of funding 18 cultural SMEs for €1.9 million, this program is a guardian of East African creativity. Notable achievements like Turning Passions Into Livelihood by The Alchemist & HustleSasa , which was launched just a few months ago, further illustrate the program’s far-reaching impact.