Sarakasi Trust Opens Doors to the ‘Panga Sanaa Fellowship’ For Creative Associations

Sarakasi Trust and partners have unveiled their first-ever cohort to join the inaugural fellowship of the Panga Sanaa program. This project is technically and financially supported under the Cultural and Creative Industries project, by GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in partnership with the Goethe Institut.

According to Sarakasi Trust, the program takes place across 8 months (March to October 2022). In this program, 3 representatives from 9 Kenyan Film, Music, and Visual Arts sub sector associations will get expert training. This aims at strengthening their organizational and advocacy capacity.

Speaking at the event which took place at the Sarakasi Dome, Director of Culture in the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Heritage Dr. Kiprop Lagat, lauded the initiative. Furthermore, he commended Panga Sanaa for its focus on the sub-sectors.

Besides Dr. Kiprop, the event was graced by industry experts, government representatives, media, and other creative industry stakeholders. Some of the attendees include Panga Sanaa’s Policy & Advocacy Specialist Prof. Kimani Njogu, and Program Curriculum Designers Ms. Alix Masson and Mr. David Muriithi.

Panga Sanaa

Panga Sanaa organizers emphasized the need for strategic and structural planning in the creative sector. In addition, they noted that the program will explore how networks and coalitions can be effective in mobilizing political will. Moreover, Panga Sanaa will also explore how these networks influence policy, financing, and member services from the selected associations.

This project comes at a critical time when changes to sections 35(b) and 35(c) of the Copyright Act were tabled in parliament under the Copyright Amendment Bill. Had the legislation been passed, then the creative economy would have lost revenue to piracy

In a nutshell, Panga Sanaa aims to equip participants with skills to engage with their members, other actors in the creative, sector, private sector, and government. Ultimately, Panga Sanaa expects that by building strong structures for the associations, they will offer enhanced services and value to their constituents across the creative sector.

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