Sarah Kabu Blasts Cyberbullies And The Role Media Plays 

Award-winning entrepreneur Sarah Kabu of Bonfire Adventures has come out guns blazing to shame cyberbullies.

This is after she realized that on a popular news website, her name has been trolled through the mud endlessly. She has been trolled over everything from her weight gain to getting gifted a Range Rover for her birthday a few years back. It really hasn’t been easy for her.

Taking to her Instagram account, the mother of three faulted a popular gossip site for the role they play in necessitating the bullying.

“Is @mpashogram a media station or just a bitter blogger? Am so surprised they can just allow keyboard worriers to just insult me endlessly on their wall through their leading post. Do they know people are committing suicide because of cyber bullying?,” she wrote.

Bonfire Adventures MD Sarah Kabu Range Rover Birthday Surprise - YouTube

Mrs Kabu went on to seek a solution from her followers on how she should go about it for the sake of other victims.

“I need legal advice about this cybercrime for the sake of others who might fall victims and they don’t have a thick skin like me to persevere the insults… anyone?” she asked.

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