Sample Hot New Music This Week Right Here

The music release cycle is accelerating now since we are headed to close of the year and every artist is looking for that banger that drags till the new year. Here are some hot songs that dropped lately.

Timmy Tdat Feat Dela

The king of creating club bangers Timmy is ensuring he got something new every month. His previous releases ‘Wembe’ and ‘Trikide’ remix are still hot on the streets. The Kaka Empire signed artist has teamed up with Taurus Music songstress Dela for this sultry groove, ‘We’ll Be Ok’. The combination pushes creativity to the limit forcing Timmy to mellow down and appear vulnerable while Dela shines on with her sensual vocals. Produced by Teddy B and Taurus Music, the jam is for lovers and speaks of the current state of love in our country.


The undisputed king of the 254 music trends, 8-Town, will keep our heads bopping till the promised album drops. Octopizzo will always be a step ahead in curating the current sound of hip-hop and on this one, he got himself a ‘Trap Soul’ anthem titled ‘Sing Along’. Some enthralling sheng lingo and below the belt blow to other acts. Mind-boggling lyricism on this banger. The video is simplistic with ore of outdoor scenes than city shots focusing on Octo and the video vixen, but overall well executed.


Moji Shortbaba

Moji is one half of the infamous Kelele Takatifu, the gospel group with the hit song ‘Aina Noma’ seems to have kicked off his solo career. He just released his debut single. ‘Kuzitoka’ amidst rumors of the group’s break off. Following the trendy dance moves formula in the gospel scene, Kuzitoka is on the same dance routine tip. Moji employs his Sheng power on the lyrics, has a bunch of dancers mixing up all the current trendy routines and the video focuses on just that. Produced by Saint P, the beat in very trendy Kapuka/dancehall type and Moji executes well on it. You can rate the jam below and let us know does Moji need his partner in crime Didi Man.


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