‘Ruto Is My Friend And He Knows My Stand!’ Jalang’o Rejects Finance Bill Amid Heavy Speculation Online

Lang’ata MP Phelix ‘Jalang’o’ Odiwuor has become a trending topic, following his rejection of the Finance Bill 2024.

His stance has resonated with thousands of Kenyans who are also opposing the bill.

After taking the floor of the house on Thursday afternoon, Jalang’o made his position clear:

“I reject the Finance Bill 2024. As soon as it started to affect the common mwanainchi, I reconsidered and made this decision today. Many of you know that I am a friend of the President. I spoke with him, and he is well aware of my stance.”

Earlier, the Lang’ata MP had shared on social media: “Day 1 of the Finance Bill Debate. Keenly following the tabling of the bill with Hon. @peter_salasya. Voting will be next week Thursday, and we will be there!”

In another post, he added: “Afternoon session Day 1, Dr. and I are dissecting the bill in detail. He advocates for total rejection, no amendments. I believe we should hear the amendments and debate first.”

These posts had caused a lot of uproar from netizens, specifically his constituents from Langata who felt that maybe he wasn’t on their side.

However, his stand today has been welcomed by many Kenyans across the country, alleviating concerns and garnering widespread support. Watch the full video below:


Here is what some netizens had to say:


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