Round Up of Major Events & Conversations Within KE Creatives Space This Week

02 February of 2019 by

It’s been an eventful week for creatives and stakeholders in the Kenyan music industry.

Here are some highlights on conversations that happened over the week, to discuss the current state and future of the industry; among other issues.

Dan Aceda’s Accelerata Master Class

This first knowledge sharing sit down was held at Kenyatta University; open to the institution’s students only but we hope there will be more of such in future. The topics discussed were Music 101 and Song writing. The students also got to jam with the artiste.

The Future of Entertainment at #TalksatAlpha

@TalksAtAlpha is a regular speaker series by the @SafaricomAlpha team that will be hosting experts to give talks on different trends in the technology space. The speaker in this week’s session was Blinky Bill and from the tweets, it’s clear that there were so many great takeaways. Check out #BlinkyAtAlpha and #TalksAtAlpha for more insights.

IndustyNiteKE Masterclass at Foxies Lounge

Industry Nite has been a prodigious movement spreading the love of Kenyan culture to the world. They have been instrumental in getting Kenyan music to the standards and audience it deserves. This week well-known names in the scene such as David Muriithi, DJ Exclusive, Budha Blaze, hosted by Kwambox. For more on how the session went and the performances check out tweets from WhatsGood_LIVE.


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