Robert Burale Talks About Hitting Rock Bottom and His Multiple Suicide Attempts

Popular city pastor and motivational speaker Robert Burale has opened up about his dark past and how hitting rock bottom led to him attempting to end his life a few times.

Talking during an interview on Churchill show, Burale revealed a part of his past that no one ever knew before. Talking about hitting rock bottom, the media personality revealed that he was so broke at some point he resorted to eating toothpaste for dinner.

The tough times led him to the edge and he attempted to end his life thrice.

“Actually, I didn’t have suicidal thoughts. I have tried commuting suicide, in the UK I tried once and here (Kenya) twice. Life was hard, I couldn’t afford three meals a day. I have eaten toothpaste for dinner, not for hygiene purposes… Sometimes when God wants you to go through a season he will block help,” Burale said.

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Burale, who has always been so open about his struggle, revealed that his pain shaped him to the man he is today, more compassionate and considerate to others.

“I thank God many people ran away from me because they made me the man I am today. Nobody can come to me and tell me he has not eaten and I don’t give him food, I know hunger can make a grown man cry,” he said.

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