Road Rage: Ways To Stay Sane

The other day I’m driving along Thika road with my pastor and then out of nowhere, this matatu comes and misses T-boning us. The shocked and angry me just shouted,” Look at this goat ” while swerving off the road. My Pastor was just there so calm and laughing it off as she pointed out that my agricultural knowledge was wanting as clearly I couldn’t name the animals.

I will have you know, I wasn’t even the one driving, she was. I was just the co-driver who seemed agitated maybe a little more than I ought to have been. Please tell me you can relate to my annoyance though. Did some of these people even go to driving school? Someone once told me that there must be a special school that teaches Matatu drivers and Probox owners how to be maniacs on the road .

Lets also not ignore how this guys almost sent me to the other side thanks to the yelled out profanity . I almost missed out on the golden ticket , thank Jesus for his mercy , I live to work on my co-driver road rage issues .

Seriously though , most of you can identify with getting a little pissed off and yelling an insult or two, speeding to prove to that matatu driver that them cutting you off was pointless or even for some stopping the car to confront the driver of the other vehicle.

While getting pissed is warranted, the reactions are not. Below are some recommended counter reactions ;

1.Keep calm

Negative reactions not only endanger you and those in your car but also other road users who have nothing to do with it . Practice staying calm which helps you think through the situation and make the right decision.

2. Pull off on the side of the road if the moment allows

At times you will notice unreasonable road users who despite being on the wrong still insist on having their way. Be the sober one and do the right thing. If its possible pull off the road or give them way.

3. Practice the Golden rule – You are the only sane person on the road

Assume everyone on the road is loco and be the sane one. Observe road signs and be mindful of other road users.

How about we all extend some courtesy and make our roads a safe place one person at a time.

Safe driving saves lives!

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