Rising Music Sensation Savinnah Signs Epic Deal with Universal Music Group-Kenya.

In a dazzling ceremony attended by reporters, 21-year-old Kenyan musical prodigy, Joy Ciru, known by her stage name Savinnah, has ignited the entertainment world by inking a monumental contract with Universal Music Group-Kenya (UMG). Renowned for their prowess in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content across more than 60 territories, UMG’s decision to embrace the talent of this rising star has been received with joy throughout the industry.

With a voice that defies her soft-spoken and mellow demeanor, Savinnah’s vocal abilities soar to new heights, leaving audiences captivated. However, her journey to stardom began humbly, as she discovered her gift while harmonizing in the familiar acoustics of her shower. Unlike most of us who never think twice of the mundane act, this revelation led her to boldly pursue her passion, officially embarking on a path that would shape her destiny.

From the tender age of five, as soon Savinnah could construct a proper sentence, she found herself singing along to Shakira’s iconic anthem, “Hips Don’t Lie”-quite effortlessly. Never mind that she never understood the meaning of the lyrics.

She credits her upbringing, growing up in a family of ardent music lovers, for nurturing her artistic dreams. Her father, unknowingly, painted the soundtrack of her mornings with a rich tapestry of melodies, igniting a fire within her soul. And now, that fire has been recognized by the visionaries at UMG.

Speaking about the challenges she has faced, Savinnah revealed the constant doubts that plagued her artistic spirit; “every lyric, every melody has always been met with personal skepticism of whether its good enough, whether I belong in this industry and whether a young girl or boy somewhere be influenced by my craft. As much as these doubts will probably always linger in my head, as it happens with almost all artists even the most established ones, I do sleep well at night knowing that a group of individuals believed in me and saw something special about my music and craft and through that Savinnah was signed to Universal Music Group.”

Yet, despite these lingering doubts, she draws comfort and feels empowered in knowing that a group of individuals recognized her exceptional talent and saw something truly remarkable in her artistry. It is this unwavering belief that led to Savinnah’s inclusion in the esteemed Universal Music Group family. Thrilled by the appreciation and support she has received, Savinnah feels empowered to continue honing her craft. The opportunity to release her debut single under UMG is not only a testament to her abilities as an artist but also a promise of the boundless opportunities that lie ahead.

For John Andrews, the General Manager of Universal Music Group-Kenya, what set Savinnah apart was her seamless ability to transcend from one note to another, leaving him spellbound. Intrigued by her artistry, he personally reached out to her to understand her aspirations and goals for the music industry. His conversation with Savinnah only further solidified his admiration for her. Andrews exclaimed, “If you’re lucky enough to know Joy Ciru, then you will surely appreciate Savinnah, she is amazing.” It was an effortless decision for UMG to sign this extraordinary talent, as Savinnah unquestionably meets and exceeds their criteria, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled music to the world.

This momentous collaboration between Savinnah and Universal Music Group-Kenya exemplifies UMG’s commitment to expanding their footprint in Africa. With a dominant share of 98 percent in the global music business, UMG’s acquisition of a majority stake in Andrews International Records in 2018 was a strategic move to capitalize on Africa’s youthful population which enjoys increased smartphone access, and a burgeoning internet penetration. Previously, Universal has signed and helped some of the country’s biggest names like Ethic Entertainment, Muthaka and Nikita Kering’. They have also worked with other continental heavyweights like South Africa’s Nasty C and Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage, helping them gain global stardom.