Richie Spice Serenades Nairobi One More Time

18 February of 2019 by

Saturday Feb 16 will go down as another monumental win for Reggae concerts in the 254 as it was proved once again, Nobody Can Stop Reggae.

Thousands of Reggae fans thronged the KICC adorned in Black, Green and Gold colour ready to chant and rave to Reggae music. The clouds were heavily signaling rain but that would not keep away the fans.

The booming sound system had the ambiance all set for party and half while the crowd seemed so eager for the performances. Warm up DJ sets from ZJ Heno, Mc Teargas, MoSpice, Juan, Kalonje and Lavoste had the entire setup chanting.

The place went berserk when Richie Spice hit the stage at 1:30 am backed by the Element Band and amazing background vocalists. You could feel the energy rippled through all sections. Stepping on stage with his Khaki suit, Jamaican flag scarf and a turban over his dreads while singing Crying Out for Love, it was a surreal moment.

Richie Spice is blessed with a baritone voice just meant for music and his stage persona and element matches his records. Prayerful, thankful and happy to see black people enjoy his art.

In the 2 hour set, he went through songs like King and Queen, Brown Skin, Earth A Run Red, Gideon Boot, Groovin My Girl, Nuh Leave Me, Yap Yap, and Youths Dem Cold among other hits. It’s amazing how the crowd would chant all the songs throughout the set.

The performance felt personal and dedicated to the Kenyan fans. Not even the rain towards the end of the show could make the fans leave. Once again a Jamaican felt home and was accorded genuine love for his music.


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