Rhumba Takes Over Nairobi At The 28th Edition Of Koroga Festival

It was a muddy, muddy affair in all its glee and joy at the Bomas of Kenya this past weekend. Getting us all nostalgic to the times when we were younger and carefree about dancing in the rains. Koroga Festival 28th edition was a whole different experience taking many down memory lane and bringing classic Rhumba to life. The event that was packed to capacity with a diverse crowd cutting across the youth and older generation – was indeed one of the great events in 2019!

Different legend graced the event: Leonard Mambo Mbotela, Suzzane Owiyo and respectable names such as the CS Dr.Amina Mohammed, evidently an event worth the books.

The rains could never stop the party, not now not ever! The Saturday affair was a club mood with the hype songs being served from the performing acts Boondocks Gang, Rico Gang and the love medicine singer, the ladies man, Nviiri the story teller. Many were washed clean in the rain, I guess that’s why the party was extra lit – slippery floors make a good dance floor!

Day 2

Day 2 which was an indoor affair did not serve any less quality putting in mind Kenyans vividly understand ‘parte after parte’. What mattered was the music, the people, and your fave drink in the hand. The acts that are highly respected in the African map had many of us appreciate our folks’ playlist more. Mbiliah Bel’s radiant performance of Nakei Nairobi, Boya ye had many on their feet; dancing and sing along to French despite not knowing what El Alambre could possibly mean. It’s only fair to excuse our French quite literally.

Kanda Bongo Man had everyone on their feet with his vibrant jams such as Monie,Billi, Sai, his performance was high key with his synchronized dancers dropping ol’ skool moves. We all danced to lyrics we would never understand, appreciating dance moves and a vibe we would never take for granted. Despite the two legends being way older than the many attendees they really did know how to shut down a house!!

Africa is indeed a home of music and great times. The vibrant jams had some of us head home tuning to Youtube, appreciating the vastness of the Rhumba genre from the likes of Samba Mapangala Oliver, now vividly understanding why we need to vunja mifupa kama bado meno iko.

What a Koroga Night! The gurus do know how to sell a party…rains or not!