REVIEW: The Mercado Experience

Hunger and thirst for the right drink is something we can all relate to. I thought to myself as I walked into Mercado, the Mexican Kitchen located at Terrace (T) Floor, Kenrail Towers South Wing with my colleagues. The very inviting cabaret-like feeling welcomes us. The ambiance is rich with a modern taste and rays of lighting that almost leaves one clueless on the ideal sitting area.

The welcoming space at the entrance gives room for enough speculation as you not only espy the balcony setup but you also get to fully take in the relaxed ambiance. Just on time, the waiter ushers us in and presents a menu. The sitting area outside is fancily breathtaking not because of the obvious amazing scenery but because of the welcoming fresh air.

The rich menu cuts across all Mexican delectable from the jalapeno hummus to calamari to quesadillas. The fire-grilled chicken and the marinated shredded chicken breasts looked super enticing and colorful anyone would love a taste.

Dish 1. Taco world
The fire Grilled Chicken was first on course.
Everyone loves a good taco. Especially when filled with your toppings of choice, I’m guilty too. The fire-grilled chicken that is topped with chicken breast, marinated with oregano and spices is a delicacy to live for. The amazing dish is served on a wooden plate to give an old Mexican traditional feel. It is extremely scrumptious almost screaming tasty and divinely matches with a good ol’ coca-cola. On the side, we had chips, guacamole and nachos. Trust me nothing goes wrong with nachos, Mercado can confirm this.

The fire-grilled chicken that was stuffed with pico de gallo goes for only Ksh.650. Highly recommended for all international cuisine lovers plus to be fair the dish looks amaaazing on camera. #FoodieGramas

Dish 2. The Burritos
Marinated shredded chicken breasts.
Whether you would love to call them bAritos or bUritos, emphasis on the caps. The homemade toasted wheat tortilla which is wrapped around marinated shredded chicken breast is a flavor buster. The burrito which is served with sour cream, pico de gallo and guacamole has a robust rich taste of what mexican culture in the mouth could easily be.

It is a very flexible dish as it can be mildly peppered or extensively peppered depending on preference. It is served in sufficient amounts and does a good deal of justice to white wine, a good beer or a coke. An extremely family-friendly delicacy that can easily be shared on a Saturday outing. The dish that goes for only Ksh.870 is one for the books.

After a good old meal as it is cultured, you pay respect to a good liquor. The bar set up in Mercado has a high-end touch to it and is heavily packed with all drinks that favor diverse clients. From the to-die-for cocktails, a smooth old beer and a good shaken whiskey.
What best way to call in a good hang out if not by choosing the right joint (quite literally).

In addition, all diets are catered for from vegetarians to the meat lovers (kina sisi). The vast menu holds favor for all after all, why board a ticket to Mexico if you could catch its first-hand experience in the Mexican Kitchen & Bar! Next door.