Review: STL’s Biashara remix video feat Kaligraph Jones & Kristoff

Last Friday, Stella Mwangi aka STL finally dropped her video for Biashara. I say finally because the audio was released some time last year. Which has left a huge amount of time to pass leading allowing the public to forget about it. Whether we forgot about it or not thanks to some aggressive promoting from the artists and their teams, they have managed to remind us about it.

STL, Kristoff and Khaligraph Jones are all rappers and having three rappers in one track has the danger of coming off really tough and hard, but in this track their rap styles flow really well together. The trio have announced they will be touring through Kenya; Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret and Mombasa are some of their stops.

Biashara translates to business. While promoting the video on The Trend STL said,

“Biashara is not just a song it’s a movement, it is a song to inspire and empower the youth of today to use their talent as their business. So it’s basically the struggle for money power and respect in the corporate world”

Although the video may be late, it does not disappoint. There are very nice visuals throughout. Most notably in the beginning when the ‘Biashara Street’ sign fades into ‘Biashara Remix’ .  The attitude brought by all three of them in the video can be felt through the screen. The gorgeous video was directed by Mushking and STL herself.

Peep out the video here. Enjoy!


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