Review: Nothing Short of An Exceptional Experience At Alexis Naturel

I love and appreciate fine experiences, and a recent visit to a naturalister salon had me thinking, how come we never share our hair/grooming experiences? I mean, no one wants to go blindly into some of these things, we all need a plug. Hair and grooming are like going to a mechanic, most of it is on referral.

I recently had a terrible experience at some local salon within the CBD and I felt really ripped off. I had sworn to just continue cutting my hair short because this seemed to work and I wasn’t ready for the disappointment. Then a friend stopped me in the middle of my rant and she invited me to check out Alexis Naturel salon along Galana Road, Kilimani. She wouldn’t stop going on about how great her experience was at this place so I decided to go see what the fuss was all about.

This place is all that and a bag of chips. It’s a breath of fresh air if you are looking to get pampered and at the same time take care of your mane. The ambiance is warm with their carefully selected interior detail giving you the reassurance of care and safety. It’s spacious with different rooms for all their different services. Their hair area is as you walk in while their spa treatment is at the back giving you the sense of privacy and ensuring no interruption as you indulge.

They are experts on African natural hair and hence they are keen on the products they use. you will notice a lot of natural oils and butters during your delightful experience. Bilha my stylist first checked the health of my hair which she pointed out it had too much protein and I needed to lay off the shea butter for a while. She sent me for shampooing where my hair got detangled in sections then washed. Hair was then dried under low heat which protects it from heat damage. Guys, their attention to detail just won me over.

The twisting process was painless which is great for pain-averse folks like me. They use Cantu curling creme which smells like something you could it. She then oiled my scalp with a secret blend of oils that are said to provide moisture and strength. Honestly, I wasn’t ready for my session to end but all good things have an end.

This salon is a must-try for natural hair enthusiasts. I paid 2500 for a wash, treatment, and twists package which is worth every penny, it’s actually an amazing deal. Oh, and they also offered me a beverage of choice and a snack which is a plus for a  freebie lover like me.

Go ahead and check this place out for all your grooming needs.

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