Review: New Kenyan YouTube Home Makeover Show – The Revamp

08 January of 2019 by

Most young people worldwide and even here in Kenya, where internet is relatively affordable and widespread, prefer online videos to traditional TV. Apart from music videos, lifestyle and personal vlogs are being produced and consumed every day.

The advantage and disadvantage of the online platform is that anyone can upload a video. This may mean you are competing with people with a lot more resources than you.

Lately, here in the Kenyan online space, there has been some debate on clickbait posts from Vloggers who put out lazy content but try to lure you in with the vlog titles. But perhaps that’s another conversation.

Last week, a new lifestyle home makeover show titled THE REVAMP KE hit our screens – and we are impressed. The timing to launch the show is perfect, it’s a new year and improvement is trending on our minds.

The thirteen-minute show is quirky and fun which goes a long way to engage the audience. The hosts Joe Makeni and Mulweyi are relatable and have good chemistry. One other thing that’s impressive is the sound and video quality.

If their first episode was this good, we are eager to see more!

Watch them renovate their fist space above and subscribe to their channel. Let’s support local content!


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