Review: Get A Glimpse Of The Pronto Restaurant

Let’s face it, avoiding Nairobi CBD is inevitable at some point. You are bound to get in whether in transit or when purposefully attending to a need that can only be resolved here. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of the CBD, I hate the congestions and the chaos that come with it hence my dedication in finding you spots where you can take cover as you go about your business.

A recent errand in town had me end up at the new Pronto restaurant along the Aga Khan walk. It’s right on top of where Uchumi used to be plus how can you miss it with their elaborate branding.

Guys, this place is breathtaking. I literally took a minute at the entrance just admiring it and truthfully in shock that a joint in CBD could look that nice.  

The layout is great with enough space in between for movement. The burgundy and lime accent seats give the place a cozy and elegant feel. The main area halfway opens up to the balcony sitting space allowing the breeze in which is just what you need after bumping into people all day.

I was so hungry to wait for the food so I ordered a chicken samosa as an appetizer. The samosa was huge so I ended up sharing for fear of ruining my appetite. I have been eating a lot of fries so I figured I change things up by going in for the whole tilapia fish with a side of Ugali and greens.  As for the drinks I had their peanut shake which was amazing but a bad idea after such a heavy meal.

I would rate the food quality at 3 out of 5. The samosa was a bit too dry for my liking and could also do with some more seasoning. My Tilapia was great, the greens were perfectly cooked but my side sauce was somewhat too tart, which made it not pair too well. My shake was amazing, super thick and nutty enough.

The service was excellent and prompt which is great considering it was rush hour and the place was pretty full.

Next time you are in town check this place out. Have places you would like us to test out for you? Leave a comment or email us with the name of the restaurant and location.

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