Review: Elani feat. Jaguar’s “Sirudi”

Remember when Sauti Sol and Amos and Josh came together to do this great track that is  “Nerea”? Well, Elani and Jaguar’s new track “Sirudi” takes me where Nerea did.

These artists came together to show the reality of what happens in abusive relationships. A loving spouse (there have been cases of men being abused but in the video, the woman is the victim), friends who try to help and the abusive guy.

You’ve heard of the cycle right? Starts with an argument, then it finally gets really bad to the point that he’s hurting you physically, you talk to your friends, they ask you to leave him but there’s something happening with the victim psychologically so they think that they can’t move on or find better or nobody else is capable of loving them with all their flaws or it’s their fault their spouse got mad and beat them or “What will everybody think? I’ll be the topic of the town”… the list is endless… so even after leaving, they always find a way to go back with the hopes that the abusive partner will realize that “s/he really loves me and I should probably stop hurting her” but that never really happens.

This  is the story “Sirudi” is telling. In the description,  they state “38.2% of women and 21% of men experience physical violence within their relationships, according to a 2015 Report by the National Crime Research Centre.”

Check out Sirudi video below:

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