Why You Need To Give Diani A Chance This Holiday Season

12 November of 2018 by

Watching the white crabs rushing to their now dug holes, is easily one of the most attractive features in the Indian ocean. The serene feeling accompanied by the blue sky color and the calm blue waters tend to appear as a reflection of the sky. Perhaps it is a reflection of water on the sky. The beauty of travel. How well do you know your coastal area? Sipping what is now my second Mnazi, I wonder how well do we Kenyans indulge in bonding with our beautiful nature.

It is that season again, the time of year where we are all vagabonds looking for a perfect niche to hail our holidays. Most Kenyans prefer the coastal area and I highly do not blame them. Let’s give attention to Diani. I had a chance of visiting Diani with its white sands that are so fulfilling to walk on, I’m sure every tourist desires to experience this calm nature that Diani offers.

Diani which is in the south coast, is an amazing destination not because of the many beautiful resorts that are very homely but also the cottages that are cost friendly to local tourists. The ambiance is rich with so much valor due to the friendly nature of the people, who would literally stop to say Hi and ask if you love their town. Who in their right mind wouldn’t love Diani? It will be a condemnable sin to not mention the different delicacies that are very common in the coast, I had a chance to taste the famous chicken biryani that was accompanied by coconut rice, for a normal Nairobi dweller this felt like Heaven in my mouth. It did not sound fancy, it felt different.

The difference in culture, the difference in living and the difference in being at the moment is what should encourage us all to wake up and travel more. Seated at Bidi Badu I was taking in every single view, from the setting of the sun slightly pecking the horizon, to the excited waves tumbling towards the land reminding us that nature is alive and the camels prodding through the watery sand paste just to get another tourist a higher view than usual.

The party life did take me by storm. We love our clubs, our music. Diani did not disappoint. I club hopped to different venues and I must say party life will always be awake in our country. I loved the graceful partying where every one mined their drink, every dancer and drunkard new their space, the common saying; sharing is caring lives through Diani.

I dare you then comrade to give Diani a chance.


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