Restaurant Review: Why You Must Try La Casa Di Nico, Village Market

The holidays are here and what better way to start you off than by reviewing fine dining-worthy restaurants?

This week we check out La casa di Nico, located at the village market, this quaint little place will have you feeling like you are in Italy.

The restaurant has that traditional Italian feel with the entire ambiance oozing warmth and the promise of good food.

The wine & olive at the entrance ( which they sell by the way ) has one excited to sample a glass even before your meal arrives.

We picked a corner overlooking the patio which provides more seating space for diners who prefer a little air as they eat.

Their menu is quite expansive but knowing our love for meat we went for their meat platter. Guys, this is the best meat, I have ever tasted in my life, tender and dripping in juice.

Let’s backtrack just a little. All their meals come with freshly baked Italian bread which pairs great with olive oil. It was so good, we only remembered to take photos at the very end.

The meat comes with starch and vegetable options as sides, knowing us we had to try out all options. We picked mashed potatoes, French fries, and some stir fry vegetables. The mashed potatoes were perfectly seasoned and creamy as can be. The fresh fries remind you of home, thick enough and not too much for your waist.

Don’t get me started on the vegetables, they were faultless, the chef deserves an award.

The platter is the perfect pick for those who want a little bit of everything. It has chicken, pork, lamb and beef. All are flawlessly presented and just right on the portion size even for meat lovers.

Their service was amazing, the servers are polite warm and very prompt. The host is also quite gracious, walking by to check if his guests are comfortable every so often.

Our meal set us back about 6,000/= bob for two people and we can confirm that it’s worth every dime.

We rate this place a 9/10. You must try out this place. Heck even make it your regular date night spot.

Definitely make sure you try out their wine selection. Warning, you will never be able to take basic wine thereafter.

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