Restaurant Review: Urban Point Experience

We all love pizza and if you don’t then you are about to start loving it.

Sure, you have PTSD from all the bad pizza ( actually that wasn’t pizza ) you have been ingesting and you are hesitant to try something new but hang on just a little.

We love sieving out the nasty for you so that you get to take the guessing out of experiences.

Today we check out Urban point restaurant, Mama Ngina street. This place is just the place for you if you are a lover of cosy, spacious but intimate spaces.

Located on the first floor of the Jubilee insurance exchange building is this little piece of heaven.

It’s a Saturday evening and couples are occupying the booths as they romantically gaze at each other.

Hint hint, this could be a nice date spot.

The green and yellow wall murals give off a fresh and warm feel that is both inviting and calming.

It’s a colleague’s birthday party so we decided to go for the pizza as it makes a great shared and budget-friendly meal.

Guys, I wasn’t ready! The pizza is served right from the oven on a wooden pizza plate.

Loved the presentation, don’t you just hate it when your food is served in boxes?

Let’s dig in. The pizza crust had the right amount of thickness.

It was also crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside.

These guys don’t play around with their toppings. The chicken was full of flavour and super moist and they were really generous with their cheese. If you are a cheese lover then this is your new spot.

Then came the test of all time, the shakes! We ordered an Oreo milkshake and fresh juice for my colleague who needed to recover from a food coma.

The shake was simply a masterpiece. The balance in thickness, flavor and overall quality was just spot on.

The food was so good we had to order burritos to go. Weeh , let me tell you Maina, I might just marry this chef. The wrap was thin giving the filling the chance to shine.

Enough about food, the service at this spot is A-one, the complete VIP treatment. The chef came to check whether we were happy with our food. Our server was also super delightful and kept checking on us. Abdi the manager was super kind and gracious.

Our food set us back about 3,500 and it was definitely more than a bargain.

Finally, the restaurant could do with some piped music just for ambience. It can be awkwardly silent for solo diners.

Overall, we rate it a seven! Go ahead and try it out and let us know what you think.

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