Restaurant Review: The Neighborhood Grill

This one is for all meat lovers. All those carnivores who are always scouting for a new joint.

We are committed to having you know of all the places within and without the city.

This week we explore a barbecue joint along Kiambu road.

This is spot is at Bridges auto care car wash right next to Edenville estate along Kiambu road. This is just the place when you need to have your car taken care of as you indulge in some barbecue.

They specialize in chicken and pork and because we had to have it all, we choose one of their platters that gives a taste of both.

They have a choice of three, with the differentiating factor being the quantity and the choice of sides.

The platter price ranges between 1700 and 4,000.

Platters are great when you want to sample everything on the menu while still being keen on budget.

We got to sample their chicken Tamu Tamu which is basically crunchy chicken fried in lots of onions and green peppers. The chicken was moist and full of flavor. It paired really well with the garlic & pepper fries. These fries are to live for, the chef clearly knows how to get fries right.

Next up was the barbecue ribs. Guys, these ribs will have you tear a little. The sauce has the right balance of sweetness without it being overwhelming. The ribs are chunky and juicy and I can guarantee you the taste is heavenly.

Additionally, we just had to try the sweet and sour chicken with some plantain on the side. I love when fruit and meat meet but this one needs more crafting on their side. Truthfully, it came off as barbecue sauce with too much sugar. We totally missed the sour part. The plantains were great though, just the right size and the perfect golden brown.

Finally, we checked out their drink options which felt a bit limited as they only had soda or sugarcane juice. After such a heavy meal some wine could help with the digestion.

The service was okay. Definitely has much greater potential.

All in all, this spot is worth your money and time. We ate and packed some home. Be sure to check out the Neighborhood grill in any of their three branches; Fourways junction along Kiambu road or Bridges auto care next to Edenville and for our CBD people visit them at the 1st floor of Veteran house, Moi avenue.

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