Restaurant Review: Geco- Cafe An open air Pacesetter

Vibes, books, wines, music, and amazing food! We found this and more at the Geco Cafe Lavington.

Geco has an exciting space that could easily pass for a quaint-modern Kenyan local. Located along Mbaazi Avenue Nairobi, Geco serves a vast audience. Famous for its car wash and eatery that has a colorful outdoor set up that effortlessly leads to a  balmy yet cool intimate and interactive bar that beckons you upon entry.


A welcoming sight of a subtle library set-up that has elegantly worn the walls with its eclectic books. The hanging guitars give off a simplistic – quasi-  musical feel to this vibrant space! Picturesque you’d assume, we are happy to confirm this! The wine bottles, hanging lanterns, different patterns on the walls, kangas on the ceilings, the almost-rococo art pieces on different parts of the wall – a decor mood that sermons both chilling and interaction synergies.

KenyanVibe was well received by the owner Mr. Mateus Rogue who was extremely cordial and we were well taken care of by the amiable Elizabeth Waore, our service personnel! 

Our favorite serving was thee: Starving Platter ( Recommended!)

A delectable that serves two and is well laid off by a well-grilled surprisingly tender beef matched up to well-cut rich roasted ribs that give a burst of joy upon tearing the well-done meat (quite literally). Tasteful sausages, roasted maize, and sliced pineapples that act as both garnish and dessert all in one serving. The platter is distinctively accompanied by their sizeable cut french fries and a king amount salad that serves really well with their own-made pepper sauce (highly recommended for the heat lovers).

The dish was properly complemented by the different drinks servings of dry red wine, pinacolada,virgin mojito and our favorite the Caipirihna a Geco –cafe special.

If you are a lover of rum, we found your drink! The Caipirihna, is a Brazilian Cocktail made from a mix of lime, sugar, and rum. It has a tart somehow intoxicating taste,  exciting right? Oh and it’s really awakening to say the least. We guarantee two glasses of this will have you almost levitating! The evening vibe is definitely a seller with a band that comes in to entertain the guests, the musicality of it is worth an appreciation as they play different kinds of songs that’ll have you on your feet!


As KenyanVibe we love to catch the vibes and Geco- Cafe served the synergies right! We would love to know your experience once you do pay them a visit!