Research: Kenyans Eager To Share Travel Stories Online

See how we say sometimes, “Relax, it’s just Twitter… or Instagram?” Well, not everyone believes that. I keep seeing tweets online that you don’t need to document your whole experience whenever you’re at the club or doing something fun, that you can actually put your handset down and physically be there. Hate it or love it, research shows that Kenyans who travel are actually more ready to share the details of their trips (and whatever else they’re doing) online; be it through blogs, social media or simply general online conversations.

Amadeus – a provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry, commissioned research on the travel of people in various countries around the continent – namely Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa.

Some of the highlights from the report include:

Shops and websites aren’t as important when it comes to selling destinations to travelers. In order to stay competitive, travel agents need to find more ingenious ways to reach their chosen audience and not limit themselves to what they feel is the most convenient or traditional. Prospective travelers in today’s age are much more connected and social media is much more integrated in their lives.

Planning for travel does not take months. People are much more impulsive about their travel these days – and the majority (up to 68 percent in Kenya) book their journeys with a month or left to go to the actual date.

More and more people are using their mobile phones to manage their accommodation details ahead of the trip. The report shows 46% of African travelers want the ability to manage hotel requirements including booking, itinerary management and amendments. In Kenya 53% use their phone to change hotel bookings.

Up to 65 percent of Kenyans use their social media channels to share details about their trip – 10 percent up from the African average.

Applications are extremely important to travelers – with the most popular being Google Maps, Trip-Advisor and Google Currency Converter – applications that make a new country or foreign experience that much easier to handle.

The research concludes that Africans are ready and willing to travel and like everyone else, are looking for experiences on mobile and online that help enhance their experience.

For detailed results of the study per market please visit AMADEUS

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