Reggae Veteran Alpha Blondy To Headline Koroga Festival

The 27th edition of Koroga Festival, a platform that prides in showcasing great musical acts across the continent is going down on the 21st and 22end September.

Themed as the ‘One Love Edition’, the headlining act is Reggae Legend Alpha Blondy. The Ivory Coast’s reggae singer and international recording artist will hit the Koroga stage alongside finest Redsan and Wyre.

You may know Blondy from the hit song ‘Brigadier Sabari” a recount of his run-in with police in a street raid in which he was nearly beaten to death.

Kicking off his career in 1970 in the US, he has over 20 albums, multiple cross-over hit singles like ‘Cocody Rock’ and ‘Jerusalem’ among others and he is a crowd magnet with his electrifying stage performance.

Blondy’s music defends a certain vision of music; “That of a magical interlude that lets us point out the evils of our time to build a better one.” He says, “It made me want to transcribe my emotions, my revolt, the precarious condition of my people through this music. A music full of protest, very demanding. I needed a musical style that could at least waken the conscience of my brothers in Africa, of my brothers from the diaspora in the ghetto”.

Koroga Festival will be going live from Two Rivers grounds. Early bird tickets are already selling at Ksh 1500 and its a call for all Reggae fans to get their treat.

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