Dancehall Legend Redsan Allegedly Beats Up His Producer

Kenyan dancehall legend Redsan has been a trending topic for the last few days and it seems the spotlight will stay on him for a hot minute.

Last weekend he hosted a huge party at the carnivore grounds to launch his album ‘Baddest’ and he invited international acts including Jamaica’s Demarco and Nigeria’s first lady Tiwa Savage. The concert had mixed reviews from the revelers who attended and the reasons came to light today.

As of this morning, things got physical as Redsan had an altercation with his producer Sappy who is responsible for his hit song ‘Badder than Most’ regarding the master copy of his album.

Sources close to the producer state that Redsan demanded the master copy which Sappy was holding on to as he had not been paid for it and was not credited as well. The argument escalated to blows and kicks with the producer ending with a burst lip and head injury from the strong-built artist.

Apparently, Redsan did not perform any new music at the concert as it was not done or the producer did not release it.

Kenyans took to social media to express their opinions and reactions to the incident making Redsan a hot trending topic today on Twitter.


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