Redfourth Chorus Covers Nyashinski’s “Mungu Pekee”

Redfourth Chorus is not taking any prisoners – after making sure we all knew who they were following their exemplary appearance in Sauti Sol’s “Kuliko Jana”, they have stepped into 2017 with the determination to keep their name on everyone’s lips.

And their brand is growing.

A subgroup of Redfourth known as Nateby has taken the lead role in a cover of Nyashinski’s monster tune “Mungu Pekee”. It features Flo Mutia and the #StateHouseGirlsChoir.

Check out the video:

According to the group, the cover was arranged by Filah, who considers Nyashinski “a notable vocalist and high class harmony arranger”. The original production by Cedric Kadenyi unlike other songs that Redfourth Chorus has covered already contained elements similar to what a Filah arrangement would sound like.

“Filah invited his former students from #UpperHillSchoolChoir and #RedfourthChorusMombasa members Natena to capture the unison sections of the lead vocal that needed an honest Swahili idiom. He again invited his longtime musical mentee Flo to again help build a climax with the help of Redfourth Chorus Junior director Eddie Muziki. The female background section is done by various Redfouth Chorus girls with the help of the talented State House Girls Choir…”

The Redfourth Chorus defines itself as “an African youth choir currently consisting of young men from Upper Hill School in Nairobi Kenya with the vision to use music to bring social change and be the ambassadors for peace, democracy, education and child rights and other human rights initiatives…”

The pilot project is being run at Upper Hill School by longterm voice trainer and Redfourth Academy of Music Chairman, ‘Filah’.

Last year’s spectacular cover of Kuliko Jana gave pretty much everyone with a heart goosebumps – and emphasised the capacity of talented individuals to inspire. Their rendition of the song went viral and launched them into the next level – working with other bona-fide superstars and lending depth and soul to music.

The visuals were shot by Robin Marcel Moustache and Ted Gem.

Redfourth is absolutely social! Follow them for exclusive music releases, previews and behind the scenes action on their social media channels – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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