7 Red Flags To Watch Out For Before Paying For An Advance Concert Ticket

Diligence is the mother of good fortune, they say. That is why it is very important to be on the lookout for red flags before committing to any event. Most concert organizers usually create euphoria around their events. From in-your-face promotional content to flashy adverts to crazy ticket sales, they always manage to generate a buzz.

While some events deliver a great experience to attendees, others flop exceptionally. A good example of an event that went wrong is the Fyre Festival. An over-advertised event that promised more than it could ever deliver leaving attendees stranded and distraught on a foreign island.

With the upcoming festivities, there will be a ton of events advertised. In case you and your gang are looking for a concert or event to attend, below are some red flags to watch out for before making any concert advance ticket payment:

Red Flag 1. No Confirmation of Attendance by Artists in the Line-up

Nothing motivates people to attend an event more than the artists’ line-up. Review the social media handles or music tour schedules of the purported artists to countercheck if they have been booked for the said concert. If an artist is the poster and has not made in confirmation of performing at the concert, then you should probably pause your plans as you await confirmation.

Red Flag 2. Ambiguous Event Posters or Promotional Material

Ensure that the events’ posters and promotional material answer all the crucial details. Proper communication should answer basic questions such as when and where the event is taking place, the name of the event, performers line-up, how to get tickets, etc. Until all the crucial information is laid bare, wait.

Red Flag 3. Slow or Rude Responses to Important Queries on Social Media

An organizer should be able to give timely responses to any vital information about the event that is missing or unclear. Repeated delays or unnecessary rudeness when answering these questions is a huge red flag.

Red Flag 4. Bad History of Organiser

If an organizer has a long record of bad conduct such as poor planning, constant last-minute postponement of events, mishandling performers and attendees, etc., then you are better off not attending their event.

Red Flag 5. Problematic Venue

Always research the venue chosen for the event. Explore various aspects of the venue such as accessibility, affordability, and security before committing. For instance, if the event is out of town, thoroughly explore the transport, meals, and accommodation options. Also, be on the look for any venue that has bad safety reviews.

Red Flag 6. Short Advertising Period

Be on the lookout for hastily advertised gigs. It takes time to plan and execute a good event. For example, if the organizer starts advertising their event a week to the day of the gig and expects a huge attendance, there are high chances that the event might be poorly planned.

Red Flag 7. Unrealistic Promises

There is a thin line between marketing and lying when it comes to events. When the promises are not commensurate to the price of the ticket, then that is a red flag. If the promises are too good to be true, then there is a high chance that the event will be a disappointment.

After all, is said and done, learn to manage your expectations too. When you find yourself in a concert that is below expectation, remember wise men once said ‘Raha jipe mwenyewe.’

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