Red Flags In A Relationship

Finding a life partner or a soul mate is challenging these days. Meet any single woman or man on the streets of Nairobi, and they will have stories about how the streets did them dirty. However, even after you find a partner, how do you know you’re compatible? How do you move past the talking stage? Or communicate with each other? 

It can be challenging to walk away, but the longer you stay with someone who exhibits red flags, the more damage your heart and future may take. Here, we reveal some red flags to watch out for in your relationship or your next one:-

Lack of Trust

Your partner demands you to trust them without any actual proof or reason that you should. Trust should be earned for any relationship to work.

Being Treated Like an Option

They treat you like a secondary option while expecting your loyalty. 

Apology With No Actions

They think an apology alone erases the pain they’ve caused. An apology should be meaningful and honest. You should make an apology and avoid repeating their mistakes.


They make you feel guilty for feeling hurt over something they did. 


They lie about little things. Honesty is the key to a good relationship, and small lies tend to build into big lies, eventually ending the relationship in the long run.

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