#Artist Spotlight: Check Out “Recapp” Upcoming Urban Gospel Group

If you love good music then you will definitely fall in love with “Recapp”, an urban gospel group.

The group is made up of four friends, all students in various campuses; Emmanuel Mwongela, Tedd Askoye, Edward Obura and Nelly Tuikong. Both Emmanuel and Nelly are at the University of Nairobi while Edward and Tedd study at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. The four started out in 2012 while still in high school and have continued to produce good music five years later.

Recapp didn’t really have much meaning when they chose it as their group name. However, with time, the name acquired a meaning that goes in line with their purpose; restoration. The group wants to restore dreams and hopes to their listeners as well as bring people back to Christ through their music.

Recapp has had the opportunity to perform at the Groove Awards 2015 and Jeans and T-shirt in Tanzania, which is a monthly event meant that showcase creative arts. They have also performed at the Groove party and TSO for the last three years as well as in several churches and high schools.

The pressure to change their style of music is definitely immense but they say that their dependence on God and honesty to each other is what has kept them together. Given that they are in different universities and attend different churches, Recapp members meets every Sunday for Bible study and just to help each other.

on the genre, they started out with acapella in high school, it was all they had. They worked with it and loved it and were surprised that even out of school people also loved it. They do not do acapella exclusively though and have diverse genres in their album.

Toward the end of last year, the group released their first album, Ambition. The album, they say, basically talks about seeking God’s will for our lives and not settling for less. It also contains their personal experiences that lead them to discover their ambitions and surrendering to God. The album is available online at www.sankamusic.co.ke/recappke/ambition/ for only 500/= They also released another song three weeks ago, “You”, which is a testimony of how Christ comes into people’s lives and totally changes them.

Their message to their peers: Seek God first and pursue your God-given dreams with all you have.

You can find more on the group all across social media under the username RecappKe.