Recap of Nonini’s Homecoming concert after 3yr Hiatus

Hubert Nakitare, aka Nonini, took a break from the music scene for personal and professional reasons, leaving fans awaiting his return. The artist is famously known for genge music, for which he got the alias’ Godfather of Genge’. 

When he arrived in Kenya, he was well-received by his die-hard fans when he announced his concert dates.

The first concert was held in Kericho on the 28th of December, accompanied by DJ Skratch. His fans enjoyed the show, where they replied to his gratitude post on Instagram saying, “Banger after banger!!!

On the 31st, the jumpoff festival in Mtwapa at the Coast kicked off. The tickets sold out, leaving fans requesting more; where he responded on his Instagram page saying:

  • When you have a team of brilliant young fellows! TEAM ( Together Everyone Archives More) 🔥 
  • MTWAPA / Mombasa Nonini home coming tour I collaborated with 2 of the best Content Creators in 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪💯  
  • #BonkeWest & #LuckyKankidi  
  • #Mgenge2ru we shut down Coast! Watu wangu wa Kanairo I’m about to go back states side but let’s see nani atafika Bei. Just maybe one more concert in January

The concert showcased Nonini’s versatility as an artist, with a setlist that spanned his illustrious career, featuring hits that have become anthems in Kenyan music history.

From “Manzi wa Nairobi” to “Weh Kamu,” to his latest hit ‘Mgenge@RU’ Nonini had the audience singing along to every word, proving that his music has stood the test of time.

His latest hit captures his growth from the beginning of his music career to when he launched his footwear line and moved to the US.

The footwear design is a unique shoe that he has incorporated with Italian master-crafts AliveShoes, through its founder and CEO, Luca Botticelli, AliveShoes, certified Nonini’s designer shoes.