Are You Ready For ”MADARAKA” The Documentary Premiere?

Another win for the film industry in Kenya will be witnessed at the launch of ”MADARAKA” The Documentary Thursday 28th at the Michael Joseph Centre. The Documentary is a story about empowering communities through sustainability and entrepreneurship, primarily through the arts. Putting into perspective the power of culture, family, and art as it strengthens local communities globally.

Here’s a highlight of some of the women featured in the documentary, artists in their own right who have pushed the culture forward for the bigger picture.

Mama Sarakasi 

Mama Sarakasi is the founder of Sarakasi Trust, an organization that promotes culture, performing arts and entertainment in East-Africa focusing on acrobatics, dance, and music. Through her platform, a sizeable number of young people have had the opportunity to showcase their talents outside Kenyan borders and made careers. The trust also implements special programs such as the Talanta training (involving hearing impaired and deaf performing artists), the Smiles for Change Project (bringing edutainment to hospitalized children and children in homes and remand homes), monthly musicians workshops, Artist Agency, and the implementation of its own cultural agenda at the Sarakasi Dome, in Nairobi, its office, rehearsal and performance venue.


Sosuun is one of the hottest female rappers in the industry right now and a make-up artiste. Her breakout hit “Sura Ya Kazi” put her on the map and since then she has secured her stay in the industry. Through her music and experience, she continues to inspire talented youths to pursue their artistic aspirations.


Nazizi is Kenya’s undisputed first lady of hip-hop and co-founder of the legendary group Necessary Noise. Her experience in the entertainment industry for over a decade has seen her rise in her career and is an inspiration to other upcoming rappers in Kenya. Nazizi’s long stint in the industry is a reflection of One Vibe’s vision of inspiring the Kenyan youth towards a deeper appreciation of culture.

Madaraka Documentary is produced by One Vibe Africa and Zaki Rose, MADARAKA is a powerful film set to change and shape the Kenyan narrative locally and abroad.

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