Are You Ready For The 2016 Tour De Machakos?

It’s great that we are finally starting to look a little inward when it comes to showcasing the beauty of our country. It’s a necessary step. Yes – we have the coast and the Great Rift – but those aren’t Kenya’s only attractions. Nor does it make great business sense to promote heavily small sections of our coastline and National Parks as tourism lures – in a country that is admired for so much more. Enter the 2016 Tour de Machakos.

It takes place between the 20th and the 23rd of this month (October) and will be looking to not only spotlight the sights and sounds of the county, but also hopefully attract local and international investors to an area that has over recent years witnessed a revival.

It’s looking to replicate the world famous Tour de France and has been gaining momentum with increasingly elite runners signing up. But it’s not just about the crazy fit athletes – pretty much anyone who can ride a bike gets to take part in the competition – from juniors to families to vets to the physically challenged as well.

There is something to be said about not feeding people the same food in the same way, day after day after day. This sounds like the perfect excuse to leave the city – get some fitness in, network and perhaps see one of the little hidden gems that Machakos offers!

The important bit:

Registration will cost you 1000 shillings and will stay open until the 16th.


Elite: ages 20 – 40

Junior: ages 5 – 20

Veterans: ages 40+

The Black Mamba category will be looking to help those from poor backgrounds but have both the talent as well as the passion for cycling. Fashion, Arts, Music and Food will also punctuate what the county hopes will be a success.

And if you want to make it more than a day trip with a bunch of friends or family, accommodation can be found in some of the really good hotels around the county, or in tented camps.

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