Rate This! Kenyan Rapper Joins The So Gone Challenge.

It all started when American rapper Chance The Rapper decided to hop on one of the best RnB beats by Missy Elliott on So Gone, a track she produced and co-wrote for RnB singer Monica. In the minute clip, he raps about his love for his lady (who he had film the video) and let’s us into a very intimate setting in his house/life, complete with a baby chair in the background.

This completely blew up, with rappers (and a few singers) from all around the world deciding to join in on the challenge as well. The most recent effort being from Kenyan rapper Shukid who started it off with appreciating the Kenyan athletes in Rio and spitting a couple bars in appreciation for his lady who, amongst other things, he calls “My diamond in the rough…”

Check that out below and drop your comments. Also, any other rappers who feel like having a little fun, I look forward to seeing your videos :-)

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