Rapper Mustafa Reveals The Reason Behind His Downfall

Kenyan rapper Colonel Mustafa has had a week of mixed reactions after a video of him working at a construction site went viral. Last week, the rapper was seen carrying mortar blocks and handing them over to masons, as well as mixing sand and water. After the video surfaced, some fans on social media criticized him for failing to plan for a rainy day, given that he had lived a lavish lifestyle at the peak of his fame. Others blamed him for staging the incident to capture attention.

To clear the air about rumors that he was broke, the rapper spoke on Milele Fm radio with Ankali Ray three days ago. During the interview, Mustafa confirmed that he is the person in the video but denied that it was taken with his knowledge. He also denied being broke, but admitted he was struggling as he has failed to get gigs for over a year now.

In the same interview, Mustafa revealed that his mother is struggling with lymphoma, which is cancer of the lymphatic system. He said, “At the heart of my struggles, there’s a battle more profound than any rap rivalry – a war against cancer. My mother’s life is my true wealth. I’ve poured my fortune into her care, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. This is no publicity stunt. I’m fighting for my mother’s life, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her going.”

On Friday, femcee Notiflow, who is Mustafa’s ex-lover, commented on the story via social media, saying she used to “feed him” and pay his bills. On Saturday, May 6, 2023, a group of his fans on social media rallied by Fauz Khalid came together and managed to raise over Sh600,000 for Colonel Mustafa and his family as at 9 PM. Fauz Khalid mobilized people to contribute by sharing Mustafa’s Mpesa number on social media and kept giving an update of how much had been sent.

Kenyan’s showed so much support that at one point, it was not possible to send money to the rapper via mobile money as the daily Mpesa transaction limit had been surpassed. Well-wishers were asked to try after midnight. Fauz promised that a paybill would be operational by Monday, May 8.

Early Monday morning, blogger and Kileleshwa MCA, Robert Alai, spoke on the matter, saying that simply “throwing money at the problem” will not help the rapper in the long term. Part of Alai’s statement during his address was, “Don’t throw money at every problem. Sit down and review why Col Mustafa is where he is. How many times have you guys given Omosh money and even a house? Has that been the solution? What’s happening with Col? Money becomes a catalyst for destruction when the root cause hasn’t been revised well.”