Rapper Maandy Named Chrome Brand Partner

Rapper Maandy Kabaya has been announced Chrome Brand Partner.

The leading Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) spirits brand, Chrome, announced ‘MBICHI’ rapper as their brand’s partner at an Elevated Consumer Experience event at Marine Park Resort in Chuka, Kenya.

The event, showcased a vibrant fusion of music, art, and creativity, serving as a platform for the Chuka crowd to come together and celebrate urban Kenyan culture.

Maandy, a star who continues to grow in stature in the Kenyan music scene, captivated the audience with her electrifying performance and infectious energy.

Maandy on being named Chrome’s Brand partner

Speaking about the partnership, Mandy said this is opening new avenues for her to showcase her creativity.

“This is a massive opportunity for me.

This partnership opens me up to new audiences, new avenues to showcase my creativity, and new stages to connect with my fans.” She said, adding …

“I am excited, and I cannot wait to bring my fans along in this new experience with the Chrome brand.”

Lilian Mbugua, Chrome Trademark Brand Manager said the partnership is looking to tap into the female demographic.

“We are proud to partner with Maandy.

Together, we will tap into the female demographic and continue to inspire and uplift our community through music, art, and creativity.”

Bensoul, Ndovu Kuu and Fathermore bring Chuka to life

In addition to Maandy’s stellar performance in Chuka, the event featured dynamic sets by other talented artists, including the soulful melodies of Bensoul, the captivating beats of Ndovu Kuu, and the infectious anthems of Fathermoh.

Each artist brought their unique style and flair to the stage, embodying the essence of urban Kenyan culture.