Rapper Khaligraph Offers to Take Top 10 Kenyan Media Personalities on Fully Paid Trip

Rapper Khaligraph stirred up a storm on social media after he made an offer to take top 10 Kenyan media personalities to Nigeria for a 10 day trip to see if they will be recognized by the Nigerian fans. 

In an Instagram post, the rapper went on to say:

“I am planning on Bringing at least 10 big Kenyan media personalities/Radio presenters to Nigeria for a 10 day trip which I myself shall cater for, I want to see if some of y’all will be recognized by your Nigerian fans or if you even have fans at all here, it would be very sad if you don’t though. #respecttheogs,”

The post sparked a heated debate among Kenyans with many artistes blaming the Kenyan media personalities and DJs for not playing enough Kenyan content on their shows. Kenyan artistes such as Naiboi, Dan Aceda and Bien of Sauti Sol contributed to the argument supporting the O.G’s sentiments.

Milele Fm radio presenter Jalang’o chimed into the conversation by arguing that when he asked the listeners of his show to contribute to the Songs that they wanted on the playlist, 50% chose Bongo, 40% Naija and 10% Kenyan music.

This is not the first time a Kenyan artiste has complained of the little airplay that Kenyan musicians get on local stations.

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