Rapper Fabulous Says Nairobi Made Him Feel Like Family As He Reminisces Kenyan Tour

 In a heartwarming Instagram post, renowned rapper Fabolous expressed his deep appreciation for Nairobi as he looked back on his recent tour of the country. 

The artist was visibly moved by the warm reception and hospitality he received during his visit, going so far as to liken the experience to being welcomed into a loving family.

Fabolous, whose real name is John David Jackson, shared his thoughts with his fans and followers shedding light on the remarkable experience.

“I wasn’t READY.. for the amount of Love, Appreciation, & Hospitality that Nairobi, Kenya showed me… From the time I landed, all thru my stay & til I boarded to fly back home.. Kenya made me feel like I was FAMILY. Thank You to everyone who made this trip a much-needed good experience for me!” he said. 

He expressed his gratitude to everyone who made his trip memorable, clearly touched by the warm embrace he received from the local community.

At the same time, Fabolous also took the opportunity to highlight Kenya’s tourism potential in his Instagram post. He noted, “PS – Idk if Kenya gets the tourism promo it deserves, but if you ever get the chance to go, YOU SHOULD !! 🇰🇪” 

As Fabolous continues to reminisce about his time in Kenya and shares his positive experiences with his global fan base, his post attracted comments from other renowned American celebrities. 

For instance,  American R&B Ashanti commented on Fabolous’ post saying, “Omg I had the best red snapper of my life in Nairobi!!!  Gotta hit the giraffe manor next time!!”

Talib Kweli, an American rapper also commented. Notably, both Talib and Ashanti have been in Nairobi before.