Rap Sensation Trio Mio Set To Collaborate With Wiz Khalifa

Kenyan rap sensation Trio Mio is reportedly planning to work on a joint music project with American rapper Wiz Khalifa.

The development was revealed by BoomPlay’s manager of artist relations Jinx during an appearance on the Pulse Kenya’s Lets Talk show.

Jinx underlined the significance of working with other artists during the interview.

“In my opinion, collaborations are crucial to creative development. As an example of how working with well-known musicians may boost a young artist’s profile. It’s also important to develop the sound further,”Jinx stated.

Indeed, the collaboration with Wiz Khalifa is a major step in the young rapper’s career with the possible music project expected to hit the airwaves in August. 

Notably, Trio Mio rose to fame amid the Covid-19 pandemic with the hit song ‘Cheza kama wewe’ that featured Mejja. 

Fans of the rapper are looking forward to seeing how the Kenyan rapper’s approach meshes with Wiz Khalifa’s distinctive delivery. 

In the meantime, Trio Mio is set to hit the tour with planned shows in Australia from October.