Random but Fun Facts About Kenyan Femcee, DJ Mandy

DJ Mandy, or the “Rap Empress” as she calls herself, was a DJ first before she discovered that she could rap and do it well.


If you’ve been following new music, then you probably know her from Choices Rmx, which she featured on alongside GKV and Danytox.

 She also released “CHEF” (Close Hitting Every Femcee) sometime last year in response to the whole debacle caused by Femi One’s “Pilau Njeri.”


 Since then she has been releasing freestyles over time, addressing whatever she feels like, in a bid to prove her rap skills. From “MandyQuin” to “Mistakes“, Mandy definitely sets the bar up high when it comes to putting in work and constantly having content out.


 She was also the only female to feature on the All Star set “Back2Basics” from the second season of UnKut the Cypher.

Here are 10 random facts about the rap empress:

1. She never thought she would be a rapper but she always knew she would be an entertainer. DJ Mandy would write poetry but it’s only after she met Danytox who taught her the principles of rap/Hip Hop that she decided to go for it.


2. She got her name “Mandy” from the cartoon character Mandy (Billy & Mandy) because she felt she was like her.

3. She writes her music on the bus, especially when story telling because she can tell different perspectives of the story just by looking at the people and she draws inspiration from the change in environment.


4. DJ Mandy has always loved cooking but she also does it to relieve stress especially when a recipe looks difficult and the final result is delicious.

5. She’s obsessed with bananas and would rather skip a meal but eat a banana.


6. Her days are pretty “serious” so she would rather watch nothing else but cartoons when she’s unwinding or lazing around.

7. She’s always been a tomboy and she’s only recently learning how to balance that with a little sexy.


DJ Mandy will be performing at season 3 of UnKut the Cypher dubbed “QINGS” on June 4th at Turning Tables, Kilimani.

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