Rafiki Shows To Sell-out Crowd In First Screening

24 September of 2018 by

Rafiki, the controversial film portraying a lesbian romance that has been the center of attention lately after it’s ban was temporally lifted, showed on Sunday to a cheering, sold-out audience at the Prestige Plaza.

Film lovers thronged at the Cinema located along Ngong Road to watch the movie directed by Wanuri Kahiu.

On Sunday, tickets sold out hours after being put on sale forcing Prestige Plaza to announce more dates when fans can catch the movie. The movie will be screened for only a week.

The Kenyan High Court today suspended the ban on ‘Rafiki’. The judge ruled that the suspension of the ban by the Kenya Film and Classification Board will be in place for a period of seven days to allow Wanuri Kahiu submit it for the Oscar Awards.

Among movie theaters where film lovers catch the movie is at Prestige Cinema on Prestige Plaza, Ngong Road from Sunday, September 23 to Saturday, September 29.

The court ruling has now paved way for Kenyans to watch the internationally acclaimed film for the first time in the country, a thing that left KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua grumbling with anger and protest.

“I’m crying. In a French airport. In such Joy! Our constitution is strong! Give thanks to freedom of expression!!!! We did it!,” she Kahiu who was on her way to Canada from France when the ruling was made.

The second screening will be at 1.15pm on Monday and Tuesday while on Wednesday and Thursday it will be screened at 3.15pm. The last shows on Friday and Saturday will be at 12.50pm.



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