‘Rafiki’ Rakes In Ksh. 3.3 million In 7 Days, 6,500 Kenyans Watched

04 October of 2018 by

Banning and then temporary lifting controversial movie Rafiki’s ban for seven days had an outstanding effect on the movie.

The film has grossed a total of Ksh. 3.3 million ($33, 000) in the 7 days it was shown in Kenyan cinemas with a total of 6 500 people hitting the cinemas just to get a glimpse.

According to Rafiki’s producer, Steven Markovitz, the film will be re-released in Kenya later on when the ban is officially lifted.

“The success of the theatrical release proves that there is a strong commercial market for Rafiki in Kenya. We intend to take this film to other African countries to continue to build the case that quality African films are commercially viable on our own continent. The film will be re-released in Kenya, when permanently unbanned’’ said Markovitz.

The ban was temporarily lifted so that the movie could be submitted for Oscars. However, the film was not nominated, though our very own Supa Modo got nominated.

In a TV interview after the film was banned, Kahiu  said she was “incredibly disappointed” with the decision of the board.

She added, “Rafiki is a  reflection of society, and we need to be having conversations about what is happening in our society. But unfortunately, because the film has been banned, we’ll be unable to have these conversations.”


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