Radio Queen Adelle Onyango Teams Up With Fuzu To Launch Job Shadowing Initiative

Popular Kiss FM presenter and social activist Adelle Onyango has been using her platform to reach out to the youth in different ways. As she makes strides in the media industry she also has her finger on the pulse concerning youth betterment and social issues.

The radio queen just teamed up with Fuzu an online talent management platform that revolutionizes the way companies in East Africa attract talent, recruit more efficiently and develop skills and competencies.

 Adelle unveiled a job apprenticeship initiative that will take successful applicants through a two-week shadowing process with executives in over 30 companies. The apprenticeship will be spread across ten days and will be carried out in a variety of companies. Each apprenticeship will be different and tailored to suit the needs and requirements of the business/organization and the apprentice.
“It’s about giving young people a one on one opportunity and access to insight from different professionals in a variety of industries and organizations. We have employers complaining about young people, saying that they don’t know how to conduct themselves during interviews and that their CVs’ are not well done. I thought where should they get this information? There is no emphasis placed on it in our education system? Our initiative is trying to help fix this and prepare young people for the job market.” , Adelle said.
Applicants can apply starting September 10th to 16th. The job shadowing is free for TeamADELLE members and anyone else interested; they can get the application forms from Adelle’s social media platforms (Facebook: Adelle Onyango, Twitter: @AdelleOnyango, Instagram: Adelle Onyango).

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