Rabbit’s Release Show Featured Many Surprises

Rapper Rabbit, aka King Kaka, put on a fantastic show at the Louis Leakey Auditorium this past Friday. The occasion was the release of his fourth album, “The Legend of Kaka,” and he performed all tracks from the new album with help from Wyre, Collo, Rich Mavoko, Avril, Amos and Josh.

As the night drew to its close, Hip Hop heads went wild as Abbas, Chiwawa ,Kristoff and Kalligraph Jones came to the stage to congratulate the rapper and drop some free styles to the elated crowd.

And Rabbit is quite worthy of praise. He’s made some superb-sounding tunes on this one. Download and listen to the album here and stay tuned for an album review.

Check out his track Leta featuring Naiboi

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