Rabbit Hits the Jackpot with Legend of Kaka

Rabbit AKA Kaka Sungura AKA King Kaka released “Legend of Kaka” on March 27. The album opens up with the sombre track “Promised Land,” which features Amos and Josh on vocals. Rabbit tells a story of love and death and the struggle to pursue artistry, centering on the sudden death of a young child. After the funeral interlude he comes back ready to fight:

Kidole cha kati, Kwa MP hafanyi kazi
Kidole Cha Kati,Kwa wanao najisi
Kidole cha kati,Kwa mapresenter hawachezi Kenyan
Kidole Cha Kati, kwa poilisi anaitisha hongo…

In “Eastlando,” Rabbit refers to the Eastlands as his first love and just like in any relationship they fight, break-up and make-up. He shows his appreciation for the hood that made him who he is.

“Lini,” which features Tanzanian Rich Mavoko is together with “Najipendelea” the strongest Bongo Flava infused tracks on the album. In “Najipendelea,” Rabbit teams up with Joh Makini and G Nako while coast artist Masauti joins him on “Surprise.” The two East African genres blend effortlessly with each other throughout the album.

Some potential club hits are “Mpango Gani Leo,” “Jibambe” with Wyre, “Ugali” featuring Kristoff and Frasha as well as “Piga” – an upbeat, fun and catchy song. “Jibambe” is that end-of-the-month party jam, when your salary has just checked in, everyone has money in their wallet and is down to celebrate.

Rabbit at his release show at the Louis Leakey Auditorium on March 27

Rabbit at his release show at the Louis Leakey Auditorium on March 27

“Mr. President” with Shamir and Victoria Gichora is a letter to the president penned by Rabbit. He addresses among other things corruption, unemployment and the threat of terrorism. This song rings very timely, as Kenya still comes to grips with the Garrissa Massacre, which saw 148 slain and the entire country shaken. The song brings a balance between lyrical punch lines and political consciousness that unveils a very thoughtful side of Rabbit.

Abbas and Chiwawa join Kaka on “2060” and samples heavily off their own track “2050,” released 10 years ago. These three heavyweights go hard on this one. Abbas and Chiwawa bring their characteristic flow and playful back-and-forth rapping style.

Rabbit teams up with Amos and Josh again in the love song “Wa.” This beautifully crafted record is delivered with so much power, Amos and Josh hitting higher and higher notes as the songs progress, bringing the listener closer and closer.

A number of producers worked on this album, including Naiboi, Wawesh, Jack, Evano, Sniper, Kanyeria, Mazuu and Cedo. Apart from “Leta,” “Najipendelea” and “Stop,” Cedo mixed and mastered every other track.

Although it is a collaboration-heavy album, with only four tracks not having another featured artist, the theme of the album is for the listener to get a peek into Rabbit’s life. He speaks on serious issues on “Mr. President” and “Promised Land,” then shows his fun side on “Jibambe” and his bad boy side on “Piga.” He then turns around and shows us his romantic, thoughtful side on “Wa.” We recognise Rabbit in every track on this album. It is a great album definitely worth a listen.

Make sure to get your own copy of “Legend of Kaka” on waabeh.

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