Qwa-Nia: A New Kenyan Play Set To Premier At Baraza Media Lab

This month, Nairobi’s premier space for media networking, collaborating and experimenting, the Baraza Media Lab, is set to host the premier of a new Kenyan play titled Qwa-Nia. The play is a project by a new theater group and company that was started this year by Kenyan gen-z literary group, Qwani. Qwa-Nia, which is initially being released in the format of a play reading, is a modern-day romantic tragedy set in Nairobi. 

Trailer for Qwa-Nia

Speaking exclusively to Kenyan Vibe, the director of the play Churchill Osimbo said that with Qwa-Nia, Qwani intends to revitalize the format of the play reading, also called the audio play. “ We want to show the full potential of the aural senses. We intend Qwa-Nia to be a show warmer for the next audio play in our season (consisting of four in 2024), a transposition of Macbeth to Africa, which we are now calling ‘Makbeth’, sometime in June”.

Through their new theater group and company, Qwani seeks to exhibit that the gen-z generation also possesses the capability of engaging fully with Film and Theater arts as well. The Qwani founder, Keith Ang’ana, said to Kenyan Vibe, “ Previously, Qwani has been able to incorporate writers, musicians and painters. So now it’s time for actors and scriptwriters to find their own stage in our organisation and grow”.

Qwa-Nia will be staged from 5 pm to 8 pm on Friday 15th of March, 2024 and entry into Baraza Media Lab will be free.

Frank Njugi is a Kenyan Culture journalist and Arts Critic.