Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting That Promotion

Almost every employee wants to be promoted in a company.

While promotions can be good and come with power, money, more responsibilities and even fame, it’s always good to sit back and ask yourself whether you are ready for everything that follows.

So, what are some of the items you should consider when evaluating this promotional or elevated role? Let’s examine 5 key questions that will serve to assist you in making the right decision.

Is The New Job A Good Fit For Your Talents, Skills And Experience?

A promotion often entails adding responsibilities that need new talent and skills. Think through whether you’ll find the new set of responsibilities fulfilling or stressful and how well they align with your ultimate goals.

Will A Promotion Impact Your Job Security?

Getting promoted might sound good now but not necessarily in the near future.

Before accepting the new job offer, take a look at the future. Middle management jobs often falling to cuttings when things such as downsizing and redundancy come. Analyze how safe that job is before inking the deal.

Is Now The Right Time?

There can never be a right time per se but before committing to the new job, take a look at yourself critically to see whether you are ready or not.

Do you have the required skills? Are you ready to increase your workload? Will you be able to balance family time? Did the promotion come too early or too late in your career?

Will The Promotion Elevate You?

Not all promotions are good. Some promotions are just dead ends and before committing, try and evaluate whether you will be in a position to grow especially if you are young in the company.


Compensation comes in various forms when going for a new job not just through money.

Analyze why you want the promotion and if it meets you checklist. It can be because of money, more responsibilities, ego, experience, time etc.

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